Data Driven Business: integrating data into business strategy to unlock its true value!

This Summit gives you insights into your data in order to do business successfully! In one day you are aware of current developments and solutions. During the Summit, the use of data within organisations and the possibilities of e.g. data science will be discussed from different angles. 

We will focus on 4 themes: 

1. Tooling

Think about tooling for:

  • big data analysis
  • datamining
  • data acquisition
  • data preparation
  • data modelling
  • data visualisation and communication
  • data from different sources (data blending) 

2. Human Factor

Within this theme we will discuss the role of the human in regard to Data Driven working. Topics that can be discussed are:

  • Ethical and legal aspects
  • Raising awareness of Business Value data-driven work
  • GDPR awareness raising
  • How do you organize data-driven work?
  • Data literacy: data-literate corporate culture 

 3. Practical Input

Topics that can be discussed are:

  • What is data driven business in practice
  • Which data is usable and how do you get a grip on this
  • Governance
  • Data Storage
  • Data security and data privacy
  • Predictive Analytics 

4. (Technology) Trends | Development

Topics that can be discussed are:

  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • AI
  • IoT

The Summit intended target group consists of participants in the following positions:

  • Chief / Senior Analytics Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • BI Managers / Director
  • Chief / Senior Data officers
  • Digital Innovation officers
  • Business Strategists
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Miners
  • Data Scientists / Director
  • Business Intelligence
  • Forecasting Managers
  • Information Analysts
  • Network Engineers / Managers
  • IT and Business Management responsible for business intelligence and analytics investments.


Heliview’s Data Driven Business Belgium stands out. With a trackrecord back to 1983, we aim for sharing knowledge, connecting people; combining an interesting and inspiring conference programme with a well thought-of audience of peers, broaden insights, networks and creating valuable new connections.

We aim to create an environment at which networking and inspiration comes together. At the network plaza, conversation emerges between peers and experts. These meetings are prior scheduled using our unique online EventManager-tool or originated spontaneously through encounters following your personally designed conference programme.