Olivier Van Duüren
The Dualarity

In 2016 Olivier launched The Dualarity, a business and a book on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving you with a regained sense of spark.

After 22 years working in the senior international ranks at one of the world's most successful technology companies called Microsoft, he has a unique perspective on innovation, transformation and human performance.

An international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, startup builder, corporate innovator and author, Olivier is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, innovation and on the impact of the changes around us on our society and industry.

Lieven Foubert_DDS2020.jpg
Lieven Foubert
Director Data & Insights

Lieven is CRM & MI director at Telenet since 2016. In this role he is embedding a data driven approach in the marketing department, always in search of new technologies and methodologies to support this objective. He finished his studies business engineer in 2003 in Brussels and started his professional career at Fortis Bank as a process manager in the finance department. He went in 2006 towards the marketing department to join the kickoff of the CRM department and followed in 2010 an Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising at the Solvay Business School in Brussels. In 2011, he started at Bpost with the setup and implementation of a CRM program in the Physical network and realised to increase strongly the performance of the network. At Base company (2014) he developed a performance driven campaign strategy and managed to strengthen the collaboration between the sales and the marketing department.

David Martens_DDB2020.jpg
David Martens
Professor Applied Data Mining
University of Antwerp

Prof. Martens is co-founder of the UAntwerp spin-off Predicube, acquired by Var in 2018. He teaches 'Data Mining' and 'Data Science and Ethics' to the master students Business Economics and Business Engineering.

Nathalie Rigouts_DDS2020.jpg
Nathalie Rigouts
Head of IT Innovation

Passionate professional, experienced in leading international teams, managing large projects and driving change journeys. Committed to continuous improvement, and making a difference with an entrepreneurial mindset. In the course of her various roles in Borealis, Nathalie Rigouts gained insight into the complex relationship between business and IT, and between employers and employee representatives. Nathalie is proud to be part of the digitalisation and change journey in Borealis, heading a team that drives innovative technology solutions to solve real Borealis business challenges, and applying the agile mindset for better business outcomes.

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