Speakers 2018

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Aurélie Pols
Founder at Competing on Privacy and DPO at mParticle
Competing on Privacy

Aurélie designs data privacy best practices: documenting data flows, minimising risk related to data uses, solving for data quality. She spent 18 years optimising digital data-based decision-making processes. She co-founded and sold her start-up to Digitas LBi (Publicis). Used to following the money to optimise data trails, she follows data to minimise risks, touching upon security practices and ethical data uses. She leads her own consultancy, Competing on Privacy, serves as DPO for NY based CDP mParticle and is part of the EDPS’ EAG. She has been teaching Privacy & Ethics at IE Business School in Madrid for 5 years, supports DPO training courses for Maastricht University, is part of their ECPC board and supports IEEE’s P7002 (Data Privacy Process).

Maarten Van Aerde
Maarten Van Aerde
Key Account Manager IoT
Engie m2m

Follows a.s.a.p.

Philip Allegaert
Director Big Data & Analytics

Philip has more than 15 years of BI experience using many different BI tools. He took on the responsibility of Big Data & Analytics director. In this role he provides insights to companies on how the digital revolution and the new technologies can help companies in getting a competitive advantage.

Gilles Apcher
Senior Solutions Engineer
ASG Technologies

Gilles has over 20 years experience in Enterprise Data Management implementations, working with a diverse group of major corporations around the world.

He is specialized in data mapping, data lineage and data normalization.

Gilles helps companies to be compliant on absolute correctness of data discovery (BCBS239, Solvency) and recently works on several GDPR programs.

Frank Vanden Berghen_DDB2018.jpg
Frank Vanden Berghen

Frank owns a PhD in Applied-Mathematics in the field of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Since more than 20 years, Frank is creating predictive models, first as a researcher, after as a consultant. As a consultant, Frank used practically all tools available on the market and felt frustrated because of the limitations of these tools. The question was: How is it possible that the best tools available at that time to do advanced analytics where tools developed by hobbyist during their free time in their garage? So, in 2007, Frank decided to create the most advanced tool for predictive analytics on the planet. TIMi was born. Since now more than 10 years, Frank and his team are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to do with a computer, to boldly go where not dataminer has gone before. Using his tool, Frank is a recurrent top winner at Kaggle and KDD cups.


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