Surprise for the first registrations!

On October 15th Olivier van Duüren will be hosting the 3th edition of the Data Driven Business Summit in Crowne Plaza Airport in Brussels. Olivier used to work at one of the world’s most successful companies, Microsoft. In this time, he created a unique perspective on several business related subjects. In 2016, he launched his book The Dualarity on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving the reader with a regained sense of spark.

Do you want to understand the importance of data quality and governance? And the way to drive a data strategy aligned with your business strategy? The Data Driven Business summit helps you by improving your knowledge about trusting and using your data to unluck its’ true values.

The first 50 participants have a special bonus, as they will receive Oliviers’ book The Dualarity. So, first come, first served! Do you want to be present at this summit?

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