We proudly present our Data Driven Business Ambassadors!

Our ambassadors know our event well, are positive and critical and bring the event to the attention within their network. They monitor the quality of the event, the programme and independent speakers, the approach and the interpretation of the event theme. There’s a direct line between ambassadors and event manager, whereby all tips and ideas are being valued and weighed into what order they will be used to optimize the event on the long – and short term.

All contribution to the programme will always be insightful first for our ambassadors, who value the content and decide what to share with their networks of colleagues and peers. In this way, we create a mesh of connections – all valuable participants to connect and get in contact with during the Network Event for Data & Analytics Managers- and Sr. Professionals!

Would you like to become an Ambassador as well? Just send an e-mail to Ingeborg.bosch@heliview.nl with the subject: Ambassador Data Driven Business Summit.


Our Ambassadors
fod-financiën 200.jpg
Dirk Potvin
— FOD Financiën
"It was very versatile. I am now aware that data really offers added value in all sectors. What I got out of the day? Networking!"
David van den Broeck
— Data & Business Intelligence Analyst | MLOZ
“What I learned: Inspiring concrete developments that have been achieved based on big data analytics outputs. Discovered other tools and related functionalities than the ones I currently use. A very wide scope of topics has been covered - broaden topics on concrete realizations (like the stories by Bart from Carrefour and by Pieter Ballon on Smart Cities)”
Guillaume Mabire
— Data Integrity & Information Security Program Manager | GSK
“I get the chance to learn and to share some success stories and issues encounter when you try to implement an analytics initiatives.”

As an Ambassador of Data Driven Business Belgium, you share your personal experience of the event with us – either the positive and negative aspects! This way, we allow our Network Event to grow in success for the upcoming years, actual listening to our participants – not only our business partners.

Do you – just like us – want ‘Data & Analytics-Belgium’ to see how interesting and inspiring Data Driven Business Belgium is? What we do significantly different is matchmaking, planning short one-to-one meetings with both peers and representatives from our business partners? Simply visit our event and become an ambassador of Data Driven Business Belgium!

Did you participate already with great pleasure and do you think it would be nice to show around new participants and help them get the most out of their day? Sign up via caroline.den.dunnen@heliview.nl

Let's make Belgium more Data Driven!